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DCR's down to .75!

30 Year Fixed Loans-Yes!

Use Market Rents to Qualify

Reduced Documentation-OK

Equity Lines Of Credit

Less Than Perfect Credit-OK

No Prepay Loans Available

90% LTV or Greater?-CALL


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Multifamily Apartment Financing
Apartment Loans from $250K to $500 Million Plus!


The National Leading Provider of Apartment
and Multifamily Loans
Our highly qualified staff offers a broad range of loan programs for financing income-producing properties. Our goal is to make the process of getting your multifamily loan quicker and easier than ever. We provide the most comprehensive apartment financing programs available. Whether you're looking for a conduit, traditional, or stated income apartment loan, we will meet both your individual and professional investment objectives.

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Some Key Program Features Available

• No DCR or as low as .75 DCR
• No Holdbacks or Defeasance
• No Lockout & No Prepayment Options Available
• Interest Only Option
• Option Arm Programs Available
• Non-Recourse Loans Available
• Low Fixed Rates ranging on 1–30 Year loans with 30 Year amortized terms!
• Conduit Fixed-Rate and Floating-Rate Loans
• Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans
• No DCR or as low as .75 DCR
• Apartment Equity Line of Credit
• 90% CLTV or Greater
• No Doc / Reduced Documentation Loans Available
• Market Rents as NOI
Multifamily Apartment Loans are primarily for 5 or more units. However we do have access to special programs for 1-4 unit income properties as well. Call for more details!

Ask About or Low Balance Programs up to $1,000,000
Key features include: No Balloons, No upfront fees, No Loan Committee, No Yield, Maintenance, No Mandatory Lockouts, No Lengthy Pre-Approval Process, No Minimum Debt Service Requirements, No Past Lending Relationships Required!
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Lending In All 50 States



Refinance your current apartment loan to get
lower mortgage rates,
less expensive payments,
cash out, greater cashflow
and more.

Don't rely on any lender to handle your multifamily apartment purchase. Errors and delays can results in costly overruns and possible legal entanglements.

Equity Lines Of Credit

Equity Lines available up to 70% combined loan to value, Wall Street Prime Rate Index, 10 Year line of credit on a 25 year loan term. Revolving credit line enables access to cash for any reason such as capital improvements, etc.

Market Rents Programs

Do you want to buy or rehab an apartment building where the rents have not kept up with the market?. Special programs are available that provides you with one loan that will take market rents to qualify.

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Many Other Programs Available

LLC's, Trusts and Corporations Accepted
No Seasoning On Cash-Out
Reduced Documentation Loans
Stated Income Loans
Apartment Building Financing with Mixed Use
Market Rents Used to Qualify

1-4 Unit Investment Loans
Equity Lines of Credit
1.75% Start Rate Programs
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Adjustable Mortgages
Second Mortgages
Construction Loans
Commercial and SBA Financing 

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Lending In All 50 States

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